The ZIPPER™ Commercial Dual-Draw Vacuum Head Carpet Cleaning Tool for carpet cleaning professionals.

The features of the Zipper™ Walk Behind Wand.

  • Works with truck mounted units and portables.
  • High or Low Flow Walk Behind Wand.
  • Anodized Aluminum using Billet Machine Construction.
  • Only the best Parker Fittings and Solution Lines.
  • Patented 13" or 15" Dual-Port Vacuum Ports for maximum drying!
  • 13" Dual-Port Vacuum Head with 5 Jet Solution Manifold
    (Check Valve Equipped).
  • 15" Dual-Port Vacuum Head with 6 Jet Solution Manifold
    (Check Valve Equipped).
  • Precision Fluid Control Solution Valve for easy and reliable
    operation-rated 2500 PSI and 250°.
  • Our non-fixed stainless steel handle design greatly reduces
    fatigue, back and body strain.
  • Patented Reversible Teflon® Green Glides that doubles the life of your glides!
  • Easy wheel adjustments for padded and CGD carpeting.
  • Weight package included for individual carpet types and conditions.
  • Cleans at least 30% faster than rotary extractors.
  • Dries carpeting 35% faster than conventional wands to reduce spot wicking.
  • Cleans & dries forward and backwards: 1 Dry Stroke using the Zipper™
    equals 2 Dry Strokes using a convention wand.

By keeping the handle at waist level, it allows you to use all of your muscles evenly. Your legs, back, & arms are used uniformly to push and pull the Zipper™ greatly reducing body fatigue & strain. Kevin J. Donathan, D.C. of Donathan Family Chiropractic, P.C. agrees. Learn more!

Turn your newest technician into a cleaning professional almost overnight!

As most people in the carpet cleaning industry know, the technique of cleaning carpet correctly is not a skill learned overnight. The Zipper™ reduces the skill level needed by a technician to produce fabulous results.

Zipper Walk Behind Wands: 13 inch with 5 jets. Click to see a larger view! Zipper Walk Behind Wands: 15 inch with 6 jets. Click to see a larger view!

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